Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Bitten

This summer I was bitten on the foot by a mosquito and the mosquito died. Poor thing. Then I started worrying about my blood - it kills bugs dead. But this mosquito did not die right away; she hung in there for hours. Turns out that mosquitoes often die after feeding. The foot swelled to many, many times its normal size. And itched really bad.
Now I am suffering from a black widow bite. Maybe a brown recluse. It was probably both come to think of it. The two deadly spiders obviously teamed up to cripple my right wrist. And don't give me that "There aren't brown recluses in the West" nonsense. Look at my swollen, weeping wrist and tell me it was not a brown recluse /black widow combo that bit me? Or another mosquito.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


My computer broke in France. The gentleman at the Genius Bar told me it was my graphics card and that the part costs $900. Then he told me that Apple will cover it. He said it was a known problem. I have been computerless for a few days and will be for a few more. In related news, my phone fell out of my pocket in Luke's car at O'Hare. So I have been phoneless for a few days. Part of me likes being phoneless and computerless. But the part of me that posts things on the Internet finds it frustrating.