Monday, April 30, 2012

Farm Log

I've been meaning to keep a daily log of life at the farm. So far it has been something closer to a monthly log. That is, if I write in it today. It is a paper log - a plog if you will.

So far today everyone has been fed. Everyone is the horses, dogs, cats, chickens, quail and goats. There is a bunny names Louis but he gets fed in the afternoon. The cats are the biggest job if not the biggest animals. The horses fill those shoes. Yesterday I had a heck of a time getting Dallas Winston to eat his Urinary SO food. He ate some but he is easily intimidated and 7 or 8 other cats wanted his food more than he did. This morning, I am happy to report, he ate all of his breakfast even with a few of his closest friends trying to share it with him. I told them, "get crystals in your pee and you can have this food too, but until then step off! Sometimes I like to talk like I am a cool tough guy when I am with the cats. Like this:"Cool it, kitties!"

Then there is our sweet (bitchy) cat Camille who is struggling with weight issues. Self esteem, blah, blah, blah. She compensates by hissing and swatting at her peers. Camille eats diet cat good. As far as we know she also eats regular cat food. This morning I dished out her 1/8 cup of food but even the sight of a tail from her downstairs neighbor, Daisy(Picture a cat tree with a fat black cat in the middle, Camille, and a genuinely sweet calico, Daisy, on the bottom) was enough to piss her off. She was happy to see me at first but, even though I was there to guard her while she ate, she started hissing a swatting at me.

Another important chore is pill distribution. Everyone gobbles up their pill-pocket incased pills with relish, except Gavin. This morning Gavin carefully chewed his medication and spit out every pill. Even the Neutrix which are basically dog treats with vitamines. He's got impressive oral dexterity. Whoever marries Gavin will be one lucky bitch. Sorry for the crassness. Gavin is a confirmed bachelor.

Friday, April 13, 2012

More from the farm

This is the view toward the neighbor's, the Boem's, house. It is black and white this time of year.

This is Danny. His is helping build a chicken coop. He helps by getting as close to me as possible and plopping down on my feet, my tools, my materials etc. Every little bit helps.