Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Do you believe in animal magnetism? Well, I disagree with you. Unless you answered yes. My cabin is a bear magnet. When I told Steve G about the third and final (I hope) bear break-in he asked, "Do you rub peanut butter on your door and sprinkle dog food around the cabin?" I said that I used lard instead of peanut butter but that I thought it should work just as well. But of course that was just the facetious banter of a couple of old veterans laughing in the face of tragedy. I don't put food of any variety on the cabin door and I suspect Steve knew it before he posed the question. The bear destroyed almost every food thing in the cabin. He spilled margarita mix and then dipped his paws in it. Then he walked outside and let the dirt cover his sticky paws and re-entered the cabin, climbed onto the sink and stove and inside the refrigerator. The bear did not eat everything, he merely spilled, spoiled and mutilated everything. Somehow he managed to poke a hole in a bottle of mustard without knocking it over (either that or he put back the bottle, upright, on its shelf after poking the hole and knocking it over).

The food items that I will miss the most include a can of Hood River Peaches, Ibarra Mexican chocolate, a couple pounds of sugar and a container of Armor brand lard (for a flaky pie crust). I will not miss the Peter Pan peanut butter. Laurie was upset when she heard of the demise of all but the Folgers coffee. Thanks to Kim and William for bringing sugar (for the delicious cobbler Laurie made) and coffee.

A couple of other things:
The bear left a gift of his excrement behind the cabin. I say "gift" because it was outside the cabin and not inside. Diego the chihuahua did his part to prevent further visits by peeing on the black pile of poo and also peeing all around the area where the bear took the food out to eat at his leisure. We watched from the kitchen window as Diego would sniff, pee, vigorously scratch the ground with his back feet, move a foot or so and repeat. Good dog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Luke talking about the work while Nate thinks he's leaning out of the picture.


Another fan. I call this one "Kate."

Really important interview.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


On the way to Chicago I had a stop over in Salt Lake City where the people entering the plane looked like characters in a movie about christian conservatives. The women dressed in clothes that would only look feminine if worn by men. Young couples walked in surrounded by hundreds of kids all under the age of 5 and with names like Hezekiah, Esther and Chastity. Neatly trimmed mustaches boarded the plane followed closely by pale white men. 
And now we are all in Chicago.

If you happen to be in Chicago October 17th, stop by Rhona Hoffman Gallery for our (New Catalogue) opening.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Night Fox

I saw this fox again a couple days ago at 9:30 in the morning walking down a sidewalk in Boise (5th and Bannock). I am pretty sure it is the same fox because this little vixen is pretty big for a fox - about the size of a small coyote. She also has that hunched over, tucked-tail look evident in the above photograph.

For a Free Copy of Your

sticker please send me $15.00 plus shipping and handling.
If he loses I'll change it to say, "I Voted for the Black Guy," or, "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for the Black Guy."

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Coke with Salt

A fellow with a bigger and older beard than mine ( my beard is 1 this week!) is sitting at the counter of a café salting his coke a cola.

And thus my great American novel begins. But where do I go from here? Maybe the above is the beginning of my mediocre American short story.

The first sentence of this post is mostly true and maybe entirely so. I am not sure if his caramel colored drink was actually Coke. His salt and pepper (mostly salt) beard was huge. The teenage waitress, upon seeing him salt his soda, said, "You sure like your salt. I do too, but maybe not as much as you."

One more thing: I was planning a beard day party in honor of my hairy face but as you know, the road to hell is paved with party plans. In other words, just uttering, "Beard Day Party," was enough to satisfy that desire.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am writing this so we wont have to look at the home canned tuna. Not that it doesn't look delicious because it does and last night I ate some for the first time. I am fairly confident that this morning's diarrhea had nothing to do with last nights tuna.

It was really good.