Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Adidas

my adidas
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Today a panhandler said to me, “Don’t look so sad; just think, you could be in my shoes.” So I went out and bought some new shoes. But before that, I reflected on the fact that apparently I look sad when I am trying my best to look neutral. But what can I do? When I see a person walking down the street alone and smiling it makes me feel uncomfortable because smiling to your self is kind of like talking to yourself. I am trying to learn to raise the corners of my mouth but not too high. If I’m not careful I’ll look annoyed or – I hesitate to use the word crazy- unstable? Whatever it is I do not want to look it. If you want to put someone in a bad mood tell him to smile or better yet ask, “What’s wrong with you?” If you want to put someone in a good mood, wear these shoes. (Although a woman almost threw up when she saw me try them on.)

Monday, August 29, 2005


The "crickets" that I mentioned earlier were shieldbacked katydids (family Tettigoniidae, subfamily Decticinae), scientific name: Anabrus simplex Haldeman or "Mormon Crickets." But I call them simply, "Crickets of the Church of Latter Day Saints." I've heard that the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons, is the fastest growing religion. Do the Crickets count? Because I do not think it's fair if they do. They are lowly insects with little free will. They should not be forced into a religion that they may or may not understand.


A Birthday

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The child pictured is my brother I believe. If the photographer were to ask for advice I would kindly give it to her/him as I am a photo teacher. But he/she has not asked and I am fairly sure the photographer is no longer with us. I am positive the man is my father, also not with us, and the woman is my mother. She is in California. August 29th is my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Big Brother.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why am I still awake?

We drove from Jackson, Wyoming to Chicago in two days. “We” are Pam and I. In Jackson we visited Oona who took us to Grand Teton National park where we heard elks bugling.
But what really interested me was the giant crickets in Idaho. We saw them running across the street and they looked like small mice. I tried to pick one up but it was eating a grasshopper and it occurred to me that if it could eat a grasshopper it could bite me. There is a possibility that it was not eating the grasshopper but was just standing on it. You know how that is, sometimes it looks like you are eating something but you are just standing on it?

Which reminded me of a few days previous. I was driving north on Highway 14 in New Mexico and as I rounded a corner there was a tarantula crossing the street. I tried to swerve but I needed to swerve left to avoid the spider. There was a car coming toward me on the left - I had to decide - me and the person in the oncoming car or the spider? It was a split second decision but you know the result. I backed up my Taurus to checked on it just in case. The tarantula almost made it; I only ran over the head.

Book review: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks sucks.

Monday, August 22, 2005


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Back from fishing. This is all I caught. Or bought. I realized after getting there and buying a one day fishing license for $14.00 that what I really wanted to do was hike. A man from Albuquerque named Justin, I know - not a “man’s” name, met me at the lake on Sunday. He had never fished and it was a joy to show him the ropes. “That’s right, put your finger through the ring and pull back. Well done!” Justin’s a quick learner.

I leave tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Diddy? He did.

I realize, as I am sure you do, that Cabin is lacking in political and pop cultural content. Today I read a news story that I could not ignore: P. Diddy dropped the “P.” His name is Diddy now. He said the “P” was getting between he and his fans. He also said that all of his former names were confusing even himself and that it took too long to explain who he was when he called someone. I admit if someone called me and said, “Hi, Jon, this is P. Diddy,” I would wonder who it was. If someone called and said, “Hi, Jon, this is Diddy,” I would say, “Oh, hey what’s up Diddy.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


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Thought you might like to see the results from my garden.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Untitled (no subtitle either)

The internet no worky in Albuquerque – at least not at our house in Albuquerque. I had to go to the Flying Star to check my email.
One thing I think we can all agree on, whether democrat or lowly republican, doctor or lowly mechanic, professional athlete or lowly amateur, is that Milwaukee is easier to spell than Albuquerque. Not much easier but easier. Do you think I’ll get more mail when I move? I do not think so but I do not blame the spelling of city names. I blame the Internet. I moved to easy to spell Boston after the Internet was pretty well established. I did not get tons of mail in those days. Sadly this missive offers no answers to the lack of real letters in my real mailbox. My address? Yea right. Next thing I know I’ll be getting offers to buy stocks from companies no has ever heard of delivered right to my house. Not this time bialzibub333x2!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Diane had a suicide, maybe.

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Somehow Diane ended up about three feet from the pond. It reminds me of the David Sedaris story, “Get Your Ya Yas Out,” about his Greek grandmother. Her gold fish jumped out of its bowl and Ya Ya says, “He think to have a suicide,” and “Why he have a suicide?” I am not sure how Diane died. Was it a suicide? We may never know.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Times, Dimes

This afternoon I overheard a couple of laborers talking to a carpenter about wages. The general consensus was that they weren’t getting paid as much as they would have a few years ago. I decided to throw in my two cents: “When I was your age you could get two nickels for a dime. Now it’s the complete opposite; now you need two nickels just to get one dime.” I think that helped put things into perspective.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


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Please excuse my lack of entries over the past few days. I have been in an undisclosed location. The attached photo is the only hint I can give of my whereabouts. Okay, one more, the location is on the West Coast in the Sierra Nevada. And the building that I occupied was not Internet ready - nor was it electricity ready or phone ready. In other words the building, the cabin, was not ready. Hopefully it never will be ready.
And in other news, I did get the job in Milwaukee. Of course this means I will be moving to Wisconsin and leaving my beloved Robert in Albuquerque. I already left my beloved Taffy the yellow dog in California. All of which reminds me that Robert and I need to eat lunch.