Friday, September 25, 2009

La Tarte Des Demosoielles Tatin

I watched Julia Child make something like this on tv so I tried it myself. It was delicious. It was made in a cast iron frying pan. I am pretty suer I overcooked mine which resulted in a soft apple filling.

Close up of flaky butter crust. This tart is meant to be served with creme fraiche. Whipped Cream would make an excellent substitute. I just ate it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is this your marijuana?

Someone left his/her weed at my righteous party palace. If you want to come and get it please do. No questions asked. The police will not be involved. Incidentally, it is mostly shake and smells like hay.

I did have a party recently but I did not realize it was that kind of party. Goodness.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Range Hobo Spider

This dangerous Hobo spider was in my bathroom sink. I have seen it or others just like it in my sink on other occasions but this time it was there all night. I caught it and released it into my back yard. It was a big spider but that's O.K. because I have a big back yard.

Warning: There is music (They Might Be Giants) to the video.


This was my favorite painting at the Western Idaho Fair this year.

This was my second favorite painting at the fair. Both paintings were by the same artist. The frame was not curved, it just looks that way because of the wide angle lens.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Robin Red Breast

I was walking on the south shore of Echo Lake when a small hawk, either a sharp-shinned or a copper's hawk, flew in front of me, almost dropped but cought, and then actually dropped this poor robin a few feet in front of me.

Then a day or two later an associate and I were walking south of Lake Aloha and found several endangered Mountain yellow-legged frogs, blueberry bushes and a water shrew.

Did not manage to photograph the water shrew.

Thompson Bros Boat

Ellis Bros Boat

This is the boat I borrowed last week because the battery in our boat was dead. If you happen to know or be one of the owners of this boat please note that the boat was tied with both bow lines so it would not rub or bang on the dock. I am not one to look a borrowed boat in the mouth, but this boat has caused a problem. After driving this boat I have become obsessed with owning a charming wooden boat.