Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Year one

We have lived here on the farm for a year now. Jenny and all the animals officially weren't moved in until Mayish. At that time we were the proud caretakers of 33 beautiful and gifted chickens. Maybe 34.  Now there are 23 lovely, gifted, talented, and precocious chickens. Some might be tempted to say that they are in a better place (checkens 24 through 33) but one who would say that has clearly never been here. It is pretty nice here. Those chickens are now in various holes in the ground. Except for Reuben Jr who moved to California after multiple attempts on Reuben Sr's life. No word from him as of yet.

Climate change made for a hot summer - the hottest on record. There were forest fires the entire summer making for dirty air. I for one held my breath from June to September.

Reuben preening