Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sheep Dogs

Jenny came home a few days ago with the above sheep dog that I believe to be a bearded collie, and

this boarder collie. My initial reaction was that I hope we find their home. I would happily have kept them and even happily-er if we had fewer dogs. But I wouldn't trade any of our sweet dogs (obviously) for them. Jenny put a vague ad in craisglist (we wanted to discourage opportunistic craigslisters looking for free dogs). These dogs had a distinguishing characteristic - their collars were tied together with bailing twine. When Jenny found them they were stuck on either sides of a fence. 

Their names are Iladio and Flash, respectively. We were starting to resign ourselves (or fall in love with) the idea that these were now our dogs. Then someone called looking for the dogs. They are working sheep dogs from a sheep camp not too far from our house. Gregorio, sheep herder from Peru, came and took them away a couple days ago. Before Gregorio arrived, Jenny cut off the lion's share of Iladio's mats (dreadlocks). I was starting to dream about having dogs that can run and hike with me.