Sunday, January 08, 2017

Winter has Come

It's been snowing in Boise. It's been cold too - snow and cold go hand in hand, but it can snow at 36 degrees. We have experienced lows of -7 at our house. That's overkill. One of our young alpacas, Maverick, was shivering one night. It's heartbreaking to see an animal shivering and more so when it's going to get colder as the night goes on. Last night it was about 17 degrees and the alpacas looked relaxed, sitting (kushed) and chewing their cud. Or whatever they chew.

It has warmed up a bit but now there is freezing rain. It was today's forecast that made us shovel roofs yesterday. I estimated it would take and hour and a half to do the house. It took five. Then is snowed two inches within an hour of finishing. The weather people are anticipating freezing rain, rain, then more snow. Along with that they warn of power outages. We've been trying to find propane for a Coleman lantern. Sold out everywhere we've checked. Also, our diesel Ford f350 won't start. Jenny's taillights stopped working on her other car. My VW is buried.

The pipes in the barn have been periodically frozen even with heat tape and a space heater.

Our neighbor John plows our road and driveway regularly and we love him for it. And for other things, he is just plain lovable.

Snow is knee deep on our lawn.