Sunday, December 06, 2015

1998, May

The first summer after Luke's first year of grad school at the Art Institute of Chicago and the last summer before my first year of grad school at the Museum School in Boston, we went on a trip. 


Friday, November 06, 2015

Jocose is a Word I Have Never Used.

Maybe I should just print this blog out. Does anyone read Blogger blogs anymore? Don't bother answering. I'm not really interested. That's how bad it is. I really liked writing this blog and I'm not planning to throw it away, but I often forget it is here.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I bought a Volkswagen Jetta. They are now being recalled. I wish "recalled" was synonymous with "refunded."

In other news, I was playing with a homemade medium format camera and took this picture of our Alpacas.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Car Shopping

I've been car shopping. Shopping in general is not fun and shopping for cars is worse. The person who tries to sell you a car really wants to sell you a car. It's so much more important to them then selling underwear is to a salesperson at Urban Outfitters. And it is almost impossible to trust a car salesperson (man). As far as I can tell they are all men. A line I got from Nissan, Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen is, "No one else does this…" One of the things that no one else does that they all do is have a "no haggle" policy. The other thing they all do that no one else does is look up the Carfax information for you.

The Ford salesman was the worst. I wasn't opposed to buying a Ford or a used car from Ford. This guy went to pains to tell me that he wants me to feel comfortable, feel no pressure, etc. But when I said, "Ok, I have to sleep on it he looked dismayed and said, "I don't know what you have to sleep on? I mean, if you like it you should buy it. I just don't want you to miss out on this." I told him I cannot shop for a car and assume the first car I look at is the only car for me. Then he said, "Well, its clear you want to leave. I don't know what I did wrong. I thought you were here to buy a car." I found my self saying things like, "You did great. Don't worry. You're fine." Then as I drove away I was saying, "What a manipulative jerk." I bought a Volkswagen and I felt fine. I always have buyer's remorse even when I buy groceries. But I did feel happy for not buying from that Ford salesmen. I almost drove my new Jetta over to show him.

I would be a terrible car salesman. I would keep reminding the person that they "do not have to buy this car. Shop around. Are you sure you want this one? It's pretty pricey. Sleep on it."

Saturday, February 07, 2015

I reminisce, part 1

In 1991, 92, and 93 I spent many hours in the darkroom at Humboldt State University. My friends and I listened to mix tapes that we made for each other. In those days we would listen over a boom box so everyone got to hear our music. We were obsessed with Jonathan Richman. From memory a typical mix would have:

Jonathan Richman
Tom Waits
Hank Williams
King Missile
Daniel Johnston
Dolly Parton
Billy Childish
Holly Golightly/Headcoatees
The Louvin Brothers
Perez Prado
Johnny Cash
A Tribe Called Quest
Buddy Holly

Living in Humboldt County was perfect for us because we loved the rural and the old timey. We spent much of our free time shopping in the endless supply of thrift stores, junk stores and antique stores. We dressed like lumber jacks and farmers.

We would never go anywhere without our cameras. I had my Rollieflex and my Kodak Retina. Both were practically antiques. We were all fans of old cameras. Most of my friends used compact, folding, medium format cameras.

When I wasn't in the darkroom or out exploring with friends, I used to grab my fishing rod, sling my creel over my shoulder then wait on highway 101 with my thumb out. I imagine I looked just like my dad when he went fishing. It was his creel and often I was wearing his shirt after all. Sometimes I would stand there for what seemed like hours and other times the first car would pick me up. On a good day I would get all the way to Big Lagoon or Stone Lagoon in one ride. I would fish for coastal cutthroat trout. Sometimes I'd see river otters and osprey. Often a herd of Roosevelt Elk would be up to their knees in the water, grazing.