Monday, January 30, 2006

A man walks into a café . . .

and another man approaches that man and asks, “Are you Jonathan Sadler?” “Why yes,” says the first man. Then man number two says, “I love your photographs. They’re great – they’re funny.” First man says, “Thanks. That’s a great shirt.”
Soon thereafter, five nerds walk into the café. Man Number one is still in the café smiling inwardly at the recent compliment, but mostly at the surreality of being recognized in public. Man number one is trying not to let his celebrity go to his head . . . but too late. The damage is done. Meanwhile the nerds… they might be music majors at the nearby University. The lead nerd came in first. (You ever notice nerd leaders tend to lead noisily in front of a group whereas cool leaders lead quietly in the rear or in the middle. Cool leaders also lead by changing the groups “mind” by silently not entering the establishment with the rest of the group. Cool Leader goes next door to the place none of them have ever entered. The group follows.) Nerd leader enters the café and loudly moves chairs to the table nearest Man number one and loudly proclaims her love of raspberry chai. Then she loudly asks the group if they noticed her chai was waiting for her on the counter. She didn’t even have to order it. Also, the barista puts extra chai in her chai because she likes it extra spicy. Then nerd leader leads the group in a rousing game of crazy 8s. One of the girls takes off her hat and one of the guys says, “Your hair looks like Hermione’s.” The girl says, “I like Hermione.” I say, “Who doesn’t.”
At the beginning of the crazy 8s game, one of the nerds said, “I’d rather play the guitar.” He is playing Hotel California right now. He just stopped mid-song. Perhaps the coolest thing he’s ever done.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My Toaster

My Intolerance

This year I will not tolerate the following:
Sucka MC’s
Beat Biters
Those are the main two things I cannot and will not stand in the ’06 (pronounced oh six).

Saturday, January 21, 2006

In The Cabin

Here's that window again. If you could read the thermometer you'd see that is says 40ish degrees. That's with the fire. Without, it was in the twenties.

Friday, January 20, 2006

This is the view out my window. My Cabin window.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


On about a twenty mile stretch of Interstate 80, I saw six dead baby skunks. One looked like it was doing summersaults. Well, it was doing summersaults but it was from the wind created by the passing cars. It would have been cute if the skunk weren’t dead on the freeway, but alive doing summersaults on a grassy knoll. I have noticed a lot of dead skunks over the last few weeks. One smelled so badly that my eyes burned before my nose noticed the intense stink. Also, the pine trees in the Sierra have a lot of cones. Do you suppose there is a connection between the high cone count and the high skunk count? Me neither.
Are baby skunks called kittens? They should be. I just looked it up. Baby skunks are called kittens.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I guess my top 4 list had some positive effect. Our book is back in the top ten at Photo Eye. I wonder if Smoot Valley High has sold any CDs or if the Giant Squid has any more admirers.

Monday, January 02, 2006


A law in California, my hometown, came into effect yesterday. It is no longer legal to hunt with guns controlled over the Internet. I suppose it is a good sign that the first time I hear about Internet hunting is when it is outlawed.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

This Years Top Ten

It's that time of year again - for the first time; the time of year that I make a list of the top ten events, things, news stories, movies, music, etc., of 2005.

Here it is in no particular order (except numerical):

1. Big Ten Co-eds, Preppy Girls, and the Lost Cheerleaders – a book.
2. Smoot Valley High – A band
3. Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux – The world’s largest invertebrate
4. Ivory-billed Woodpecker – A bird
5. I guess it’s a top 4 list.