Saturday, January 23, 2010

Late Night

I was thinking about bloging about Leno/O'brian but this dog beat me to it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Colton Harris-Moore

Self-portrait taken with stolen camera

Maybe if you didn't leave your keys in your airplane Colton Harris Moore wouldn't steal it.

Colton Harris-Moore
- it seems plausible that his parents were hoping for a notorious criminal when they named him, like when a mother names her kid Lincoln Jefferson Kennedy, she might have political aspirations for her kid. To my ear, Colton (he even has Colt in his name) Harris-Moore sounds like a gunfighter or the guy who robbed the stage coach. I can almost hear the town folk on the small Washington Island, Camano, repeating, "Colton Harris-Moore," in hushed tones as he walks through the center of town.
Sheriff Mark Brown said he did not understand why people would idolize a thief which has me wondering if Sheriff Brown has ever read a book or seen a movie. Those things are full of thieves as heroes. It might not be right but it is fun. It is even funner when the thief is a kid.

His mom tells us that Harris-Moore took and IQ test and was 3 points lower than Einstein's. Wikipedia tells us that Einstein never took an IQ test. But still, 3 points under a genius like Einstein is pretty good.

A mother's pride rarely relies on the truth.

I became a fan of him on facebook before I realised there are real fan pages for the little (6-foot-5, 210-pound) guy.

Wildlife Photography

This is what a photo looks like when it is taken in the dark and then drastically adjusted in Photoshop. This image was almost pure black until I adjusted it. I am debating whether or not to put it in my portfolio to send to National Geographic.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


There was a mouse living in my car in August. Now there is either another mouse living in my car or the original mouse is still there. I am going to have to get a cat. For my car.


Not sure if I like this or if it bugs me or both (I heard that Julia McWilliams bugged Paul Child before their long and happy marriage). What I do like is that it is no more a photo trick than turning a picture on its side. I like Rodney Graham's upside down trees but I am not so sure they did not bug me the first time I saw them.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Overheard at a Cafe

I heard these guys - mostly one guy talking - about their band:

I’ve learned not to hitch my wagons too tight to her because like you said one bout of bronchitis and she’s ready to kill herself

You gotta keep taking those pills

Lets sit down and do a listening session - if I get a list of your songs. It’s a really easy stream of income. 300 bucks a night.

We don’t have to worry about no one. We don’t have to worry about Kevin, we don’t have to worry about Andy, we don’t have to worry about none of those guys.

I think we should take catfish to a gigging level

If anyone wants a three piece bluesy smokin’ band they got it -

You and I and drummer to be named later…

Once we learn the songs - you wrote ‘m so you ain’t never gonna forget ‘em. Once I learn them we will be able to play them at a moments notice.

Thank goodness




Yeah, yeah



Well I think so too. She called me in a tizzy. I didn’t even call her back

She’s either busy or mad at me

OK. She’ll probably call me back tonight

Tell her you talked to me tell her everythings good

We can squeeze a practice in Saturday

Or Sunday. If not all of next week is open too.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Next time you talk to him tell him you know me.

Oh, that’s perfect.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blue Tooth Ranch

This is where I spent New Years with some dear old friends (some dear, some old).

This is the old bridge. Back when this was a cattle ranch, before it was a grape ranch, this bridge was the only way to get the cattle from the pasture to the the slaughter house.

The Pasture.

The dear old chicken and her colleagues.

The hedge. Every time I visit the Blue Tooth there is something new. This is as much a statement about my memory as it is about actual changes.

The guard dog. The sweet, young guard dog.