Sunday, January 17, 2010

Colton Harris-Moore

Self-portrait taken with stolen camera

Maybe if you didn't leave your keys in your airplane Colton Harris Moore wouldn't steal it.

Colton Harris-Moore
- it seems plausible that his parents were hoping for a notorious criminal when they named him, like when a mother names her kid Lincoln Jefferson Kennedy, she might have political aspirations for her kid. To my ear, Colton (he even has Colt in his name) Harris-Moore sounds like a gunfighter or the guy who robbed the stage coach. I can almost hear the town folk on the small Washington Island, Camano, repeating, "Colton Harris-Moore," in hushed tones as he walks through the center of town.
Sheriff Mark Brown said he did not understand why people would idolize a thief which has me wondering if Sheriff Brown has ever read a book or seen a movie. Those things are full of thieves as heroes. It might not be right but it is fun. It is even funner when the thief is a kid.

His mom tells us that Harris-Moore took and IQ test and was 3 points lower than Einstein's. Wikipedia tells us that Einstein never took an IQ test. But still, 3 points under a genius like Einstein is pretty good.

A mother's pride rarely relies on the truth.

I became a fan of him on facebook before I realised there are real fan pages for the little (6-foot-5, 210-pound) guy.

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