Friday, September 30, 2005

All Work and No Play Makes Jon a Dull Boy, Luke Too

What am I doing here? Good question. You thought we would be in Northern Wisconsin fishing for Northerns and Muskies by now. Last night, around midnight, I had to make a decision: keep driving North and watch Luke get sicker and sicker or drive back to Milwaukee and send Luke, Jen and Sister back to Chicago.
So anyway . . . hmm? Oh, Luke was stressed out about our show (Oct. 28, 2005, Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago, Il). As soon as we turned around the old Luke was back, laughing but feeling a little guilty about spoiling our trip to Manitowish Waters.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Desk

This photograph is of my workspace. I keep my analog writing tools on the left and my digital writing tool and entertainment on the right.

Monday, September 26, 2005

My House

This is my house. I tried to pretty it up with some mums. To me, Fall is mum season.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Taffy at The Lake

Here is another photo I found while looking through my negatives. This is my dog Taffy. She lives in California.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Friend

While looking through my negatives I found this one of Robert and me. I miss him. We were both kind of left leaning and I think that helped in creating the great relationship we had.

Todays Trip to the Lake

Please take the time to check my link list now and then. It could really help my bottom line. New Catalogue has a new blog. Check it out for updates and behind the scenes photographs.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Our Book

Rumor around town is that our book is selling like hot cakes. Its not out yet but a friend very close to the publisher warned us that we might want to tell our friends to pre-order the book if they want a copy. Click on the title of this post to order the book from Photo Eye in Santa Fe. Goodnight.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hip Smelly Fonzarelli

I found a hip café with free WiFi and its called HiFi and that rhymes (or those rhyme). The café is in the hip area known as Bay View, a mere twenty-minute drive from my house. The smoking situation is the same as in the two cafés that I reviewed in my last article. Either I have lived in places with anti-smoking ordinances for too long to remember what cigarette smoke smells like, or there is a smell common to Milwaukee restaurants that I do not like. Part of the smell is surely burning tobacco but I cannot put my finger on the other part of the smell. If I may compare the smell to sound I would say it was a high-pitched smell, like a car alarm heard from a distance. It’s probably just cigarettes.
The café is for the rockabilly crowd. If Fonzy still lived in Milwaukee he might hang out here – but come to think of it, Fonzy hung out with mostly nerds. Fonzy had the unique talent of living in both the world of nerds and the world of hoods. The classic argument that The Fonz relished his position as the big fish in the small pond by befriending Messrs Cunningham, Malph and Webber rings true with this observer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


At the moment I am thinking of two areas where Milwaukee has failed me. One is that the cafés that offer wireless Internet charge for it. Node, the café that I am in now, charges $2.00 per hour; the only reason that I am still here is that I ordered my coffee before I saw the $2.00 per hour sign. The other failure is that smoking is allowed in restaurants. “Allowed” may not be strong enough a word - “expected” seems closer to the smell. I may have to give up and leave this smelly establishment. This place (Node) stinks but Fuel is a hipper café closer to my house and is much worse. People complain about California and its strict environmental and health laws but soon everyone else will be dead and Californians will be happy and healthy eating Avocado tofutti in smokeless restaurants and drinking Free Trade Coffee in smokeless cafes and running on organic treadmills in smokeless gyms and killing their flat screen televisions by humane methods in smoke fee environments.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dude's Back

Dude came back after three nights and two days of freedom. That proves what I’ve been saying all along, birds like living in cages. Pam, dude’s caretaker, put her (Dude is a her) cage out on the back porch and Dude landed on the trellis. Pam put her hand out and Dude got on her finger and came back in the house.

By the way, Dude does answer to "Dude." During Dude's rambling Pam would walk the neighborhood calling her name and Dude would chirp in response.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


This is my new chair.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dude, Missing

If you are in the Boston area and see a budgie (or parakeet to the layman) that answers to the name “Dude,” please post a comment on this blog with you email address. Dude my not actually answer to Dude or anything else.
Dude was last seen in Jamaica Plain.

Lunch time, yesterday

On my way home from yet another day of work, I stopped by a Middle-Eastern restaurant (*a gyro joint), and ordered a schwarma (which in this case was a lamb, yogurt and veggie sandwich on flatbread). After eating for a few minutes, a man who was seated in a comfy chair smoking a hookah suddenly got up, put his hand on my shoulder and offered me a cup of mint tea. It was a delicious cup of tea. He sat back in his chair but immediately got up and took the sugar from the only other occupied table in the room and poured some in my tea. Then he disappeared behind me for a few moments only to reappear with a sprig of fresh mint, which he placed in my tea.
That is the kind of service I appreciate. I would actually love a restaurant that the customer enters, finds a seat, and a friendly person approaches and offers whatever they happen to have. ”Hey, you wanna try these spring rolls? Randy just made them. They are lovely.” And then she comes back after a short while and brings the customer a glass of homemade mead, whatever that is. I know it has something to do with honey. And so on until desert.
A barbershop or salon like that would be good too, except it would be haircuts instead of food.
But I would not go to a dentist that operated that way.

*Please tell me how to pronounce that word. I ordered one in Boston once and asked, …”yeero? Is that how its pronounced?” The woman who took my order, a Greek woman said, yes. Then she yelled over her shoulder, “One gyro!“ pronouncing it like gyroscope.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Last night:
I feel like I should have a shower, not take a shower but have a shower thrown for me so people can bring gifts like towels, sheets, a nice set of kitchen knives, pots and pans, a KitchenAid. So today I registered at the following stores: Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, and Barney’s.

Just a moment ago a tall, attractive blond women walked into my house. I was happy to have a visitor until she asked for Justin. I said, “I left that dude in Albuquerque.” But what I really said was, I think you must have the wrong house. And then I told her that she was my first visitor.

This morning:
Speaking of showers but this time taking showers, mine does not work. I decided I'd take a bath instead but there is no plug.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday's Model

Originally uploaded by Jonathansadler.
Another photo shoot this weekend. We thought we’d teach this guy a little lesson about trust. Lesson #1. Who can you trust? No one. And # 2. Don’t get caught with your drawers down.

Coincidentally, this gentleman has a split-cane fly rod.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


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I’m not one of those guys who are into fast cars, for instance I think NASCAR is for republicans – the poor ones. (I’ve got nothing against poor republicans except - forget it, the list is too long). I am not interested in racy looking motorcycles either. But for some reason I love these little, wooden hydroplanes. And the “some reason?” It’s because I grew up on a lake with these little boats. My buddy Chris had one called “Skua.” Skua is my favorite hydro of all time. The engine was so big that the driver had to lean forward over the bow to make it plane. If there was a passenger, she (the passenger was always a she, like the girl affectionately known as "The Girl in the Purple Bathingsuit") had to sit on the bow so the driver had to lean forward over the passenger to make it plane. I had a hydro that I never got a motor for and my cousin Clyde traded it for a late ‘20s Johnson 10 Hp Seahorse.
Something about the fall makes me think about summer. Luke and I are dreaming about getting split-cane fly rods.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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There are toads in the Midwest too.

Labor Day

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This is a poor picture of me at the beach on Labor Day. I'm the one in the foreground.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This one needs no title

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Here is a picture of my shoes at work.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Little Savior

I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Try Jesus," but I thought it said, "Tiny Jesus." When I realized what it really said I said, "Oh, 'Try Jesus,'" as if that clarified anything. But Tiny Jesus makes as much sense as Try Jesus to me. So if you would like a “Tiny Jesus” bumper sticker let me know.