Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday's Model

Originally uploaded by Jonathansadler.
Another photo shoot this weekend. We thought we’d teach this guy a little lesson about trust. Lesson #1. Who can you trust? No one. And # 2. Don’t get caught with your drawers down.

Coincidentally, this gentleman has a split-cane fly rod.


rr said...

Did you move yet?

jonathan said...

Yes sir I did. And please do not be jeleous of this model in the photo. He means nothing to me. (Just kidding R.K. Your Awsome!) So like I was saying, you are still number 1 New Catalogue Male Model.

rr said...

Well it would be only your loss trying to replace me.

Rowley said...

two things:

i am finally nude on the internet.

i'm second best? did you tell IT to 'put out or get out?'

Attack Chicken said...

Is the fact that this gentleman has a split-can fly rod more information than we need to know?

jonathan said...

A split-cane fly rod is, well, um, a beautiful thing.

And Rowley, do not take what I say to IT seriously. IT is a sensitive boy and needs to be handled with kid gloves.