Saturday, September 10, 2005


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I’m not one of those guys who are into fast cars, for instance I think NASCAR is for republicans – the poor ones. (I’ve got nothing against poor republicans except - forget it, the list is too long). I am not interested in racy looking motorcycles either. But for some reason I love these little, wooden hydroplanes. And the “some reason?” It’s because I grew up on a lake with these little boats. My buddy Chris had one called “Skua.” Skua is my favorite hydro of all time. The engine was so big that the driver had to lean forward over the bow to make it plane. If there was a passenger, she (the passenger was always a she, like the girl affectionately known as "The Girl in the Purple Bathingsuit") had to sit on the bow so the driver had to lean forward over the passenger to make it plane. I had a hydro that I never got a motor for and my cousin Clyde traded it for a late ‘20s Johnson 10 Hp Seahorse.
Something about the fall makes me think about summer. Luke and I are dreaming about getting split-cane fly rods.


jessaroo said...

Hey, I know that chick, in fact, I think I inherited her purple swimsuit...

Anonymous said...

Bring back the hydros! We should all be drivin' them....Hey, by the the time I was riding on the bow of skua I had outgrown my purple swimsuit...

-"The Girl"

jonathan said...

To me you will always be the girl in the purple bathing suit. And I'd bet you 50 cents that it still fits. Try it on and send me a jpeg.

dmo said...

Hey ...I just caught up on your blog, after the iMac crash of ot 5 ( is that how you spell ot?). Anyway, nice shoes, nice toad, nice boat. How's the new gig?

Moist said...

Down here in New Orleans, which has since become Old Orleans, we use Hydro's just to get to the corner store. The stores aren't as stocked as they once were and gas is hard to find for our boat motors, but it sure reminds me of the good ol' days.

kirstie said...

I know why the Fall makes me think about summer; it make me think about summer's passing. It makes me feel sad and melancholy that summer will no longer be with me. Siggggghhhhh.

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