Friday, September 16, 2005

Lunch time, yesterday

On my way home from yet another day of work, I stopped by a Middle-Eastern restaurant (*a gyro joint), and ordered a schwarma (which in this case was a lamb, yogurt and veggie sandwich on flatbread). After eating for a few minutes, a man who was seated in a comfy chair smoking a hookah suddenly got up, put his hand on my shoulder and offered me a cup of mint tea. It was a delicious cup of tea. He sat back in his chair but immediately got up and took the sugar from the only other occupied table in the room and poured some in my tea. Then he disappeared behind me for a few moments only to reappear with a sprig of fresh mint, which he placed in my tea.
That is the kind of service I appreciate. I would actually love a restaurant that the customer enters, finds a seat, and a friendly person approaches and offers whatever they happen to have. ”Hey, you wanna try these spring rolls? Randy just made them. They are lovely.” And then she comes back after a short while and brings the customer a glass of homemade mead, whatever that is. I know it has something to do with honey. And so on until desert.
A barbershop or salon like that would be good too, except it would be haircuts instead of food.
But I would not go to a dentist that operated that way.

*Please tell me how to pronounce that word. I ordered one in Boston once and asked, …”yeero? Is that how its pronounced?” The woman who took my order, a Greek woman said, yes. Then she yelled over her shoulder, “One gyro!“ pronouncing it like gyroscope.

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rr said...

I've been told time and time again, it is yeero - from the Greek and non-Greek alike.