Monday, August 22, 2005


Originally uploaded by Jonathansadler.
Back from fishing. This is all I caught. Or bought. I realized after getting there and buying a one day fishing license for $14.00 that what I really wanted to do was hike. A man from Albuquerque named Justin, I know - not a “man’s” name, met me at the lake on Sunday. He had never fished and it was a joy to show him the ropes. “That’s right, put your finger through the ring and pull back. Well done!” Justin’s a quick learner.

I leave tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in Milwaukee!
Votre Vie est Votre Propre a Vivre!!

Attack Chicken said...

Glad to see you can still do the can can.

drpnewmex said...

Happy for you that your pastures have led to cow country. Sad for me that the water seems a bit more shallow in Albuquerque now that you are gone.