Thursday, October 09, 2008


On the way to Chicago I had a stop over in Salt Lake City where the people entering the plane looked like characters in a movie about christian conservatives. The women dressed in clothes that would only look feminine if worn by men. Young couples walked in surrounded by hundreds of kids all under the age of 5 and with names like Hezekiah, Esther and Chastity. Neatly trimmed mustaches boarded the plane followed closely by pale white men. 
And now we are all in Chicago.

If you happen to be in Chicago October 17th, stop by Rhona Hoffman Gallery for our (New Catalogue) opening.


Steven LaRose said...

moderate this if you will.

but sheesh. I clicked around the Rhona Hoffman site and tried to place a puzzle piece of who you are with what she is showing and I gotta tell ya. I know nothing more about you, or your "art". Even Batman lifts his cowl now and then.

jonathan said...

Thanks for trying. Did you look under the "New Catalogue" section? Luke Batten and I work collaboratively under the name New Catalogue. We have so for done photography based art projects. This show will be our first show that could accurately be described as an installation: a motorcycle, paintings, decals. There will be a press release on the Rhona site Tuesday that I hope will clarify things for you - and I am sure many others. I will tell you know that the show is a hypothetical memorial to a UN special envoy to Iraq who died when a car bomb hit the Canal Hotel in 2003. Sergio Vieira de Mello is his name. There is a recent biography og him by Samantha Power called Chasing the Flame.

pssst said...

Aw, I will only be in SLC on the 19th, wearing my most manly-femine outfits (I want to fit in). Maybe I should sleaze it up and say "dude" and "like" a lot because I am from California. I think I will do that. Goold luck on the 17th with your opening. Wish I could be there.