Saturday, October 18, 2008


Luke talking about the work while Nate thinks he's leaning out of the picture.


Another fan. I call this one "Kate."

Really important interview.


rr said...

Preppy Boy Measuring Neolithic Rock is still your finest work.

SA said...

hi jon
congratulations on the show. wish i were there. you look so enthusiastic in that interview shot. Almost....what's the word???... living.

You look something like the mormon settlers.

some acquaintances just went around the world and the boy acquaintance stopped shaving, but for some reason he had only a beard. In the photo caption they wrote,"the Amish are a peace loving people" you look like you could go that route if you so desired. What does your girlfriend (grownwomanfriend) think of all the face fuzz?

Anyway, how did the show go?

One last thing...get out of debt while enlarging your penis on the way to the bank with the Nigerian Funds.... Ads by google

Stephen said...

It was so cool to see all the fans and press show up to celebrate your birthday!

Hey, don't you have a show or something coming up, too?

Happy birthday!

Chuckie V said...

The rideable piece of art is pretty cool. I doubt Michelangelo and all those other artists could ever ride their work to a show.