Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This post was meant for last Wednesday

We left Chicago 9ish and arrived at my apartment in Milwaukee at 11:45. We took the valuables out of the truck, carried them up the stairs, unlocked the deadbolt and the door was still locked. It turns out there is another lock that we normally do not lock. I do not have a key for that lock. I knew who had the keys but it was late and I didn’t have her phone number. Luckily Alice has a cousin in Milwaukee who kindly took us in. We eventually got into the apartment at noon the next day to get my tent and camping equipment but those things were in Chicago apparently. My sleeping bag is there too. My iPod wont hold a charge. I got a parking ticket.


Luke said...

May no bad things happen to you in California.

rr said...

I enjoyed your weiners.

Take care, tell Utah I love him/her.

dmo said...

....and speaking of California, where you at sucka?

naomi said...

awwww...jonathan! these sorts of things makes you all the more endearing.

have a good summer & send some money - i'll make you some keys! heh heh.

SA said...

Call me. I am so sorry. For me, Laurie, the kids and you. Shit. She is the dog that made me love dogs and have the last three heart breakers that I have been privleged to know.


I love Taffy