Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heading East or Midwest

A few miles past Barstow I saw a sign that read, “Last Chance Fuel #2,” which I thought might be better named, “2nd to Last chance Fuel,” or “Penultimate Fuel.”

In Williams Arizona there is a café called “Java Cycle.” Java cycle is closed but the kid at the counter is kind enough to let me compute while he closes shop. Also in Williams is a beautiful, street flooding thunderstorm. I pulled over because the truck was hydroplaning on Interstate 40.


Floyd Ramp said...

hey john,

if you find yourself anywhere near st. jo, tx, stop by and try the catfish fry. highly recommended.

safe driving


Dennis Plummer said...

I've never heard of a St. JO. Come to think of it, however, there are some curious stories about St. John of the Cross....
Enjoy the fish!