Thursday, June 21, 2007


About 5 hours ago I walked out to put my laundry in the washer (which is in the next room down the hall). I turned the machine on then quickly jogged back to the studio for the detergent but was stopped at the locked door. Without hope, I searched my pockets for my keys. My lack of hope paid off - no keys. *So my laundry was being washed without soap. I was in my swim trunks with no way back into the studio. I decided to search for my pals who had recently gone to the beach. Then I remembered that Chicago has miles of beach and I did not where the friends were. So I went to a bookstore but was in no mood to look at books. I went home, this time with hope, to see if anyone was home yet. Nope. So I went to the Italian deli to have a sandwich but they had just run out of bread. So I went to a café and ordered a chicken curry sandwich but they had just run out of chicken curry. I had a tuna sandwich. Then I read a book (It’s Not About the Bike) I found on the shelf at the café. After a while I went home but still couldn’t get in. So I went back to the café and read more of the book. The guy in the book had cancer but went on to be a great bike racer.
My pals were back from the beach on my next trip home.

*I borrowed soap from my friendly neighbor so the laundry was washed.

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