Monday, March 17, 2008

Newly Described Bird Species

Zosterops somadikartai, or Togian white-eye

Note my carefully worded title. I could have titled this simply, "new bird" but that is kind of like calling North and South America "The New World." The bird is just new to us, not itself. But, if it is so new, why is there a painting of it? Isn't painting a dead art? Didn't photography kill it about 169 years ago?
Thank you Jen B. for the bird alert.

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Adellamorio said...

It looks the same as a bunch of other dumb birds I've seen in print and real life, and even in Second Life. Does it talk, or do anything else I might find charming in an imitating human life kind of way? Ir is it extra delicious? Either way, the branch looks totally fake.