Friday, May 23, 2008

Snow in the Sierra

I missed my normal Nampa exit on my way to California from Boise so I decided to take the second Nampa exit. Three hours later I was right on track. Three hours is normally 1/3 of the way to my California destination. In fairness I did stop to look for birds and to escort a rattlesnake across the road. I was very happy that I had a camera when I saw the snake and as you can see I took some pictures.

I need a new camera.
Another highlight – besides getting lost and seeing a rattler – was knocking my bicycle of the roof of my car while entering a drive-thru. Miraculously, it was not hurt and neither was my rack or car. The woman on the intercom kept asking if I was ok though. Happily, I was not on the roof when it happened so I was fine.
Now I am in an undisclosed location in the Sierra Nevada. I drove to town to get some plumbing parts and check my Email.
It has been snowing all day and much of yesterday.
I am covered in mud from crawling under the cabin.
The water lines are under snow so I have no running water at this point.
I disconnected the gas in an attempt to get to the bottom of a nagging propane leak so I have no gas for cooking, but I should soon.


Ame said...

Cheers to rain/snow in late May......this day I found a black gown at the woodland hospice, bought a frank stella book 63% off at the going- out-of-buissiness great book store across the street,graduated college, S. Savage played my party and dear Utah Phillips died. Welcome Home Cabin.

ame said...

Joseph Stella, doesn't matter,