Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Radio

Sometimes I go through the day oblivious of my peril. I'd be willing to bet you do too. I cavalierly walk on frozen sidewalks, sleep in a basement without first checking the radon level, and eat from garbage cans. Earlier, I got in my car - dangerous - and turned on the radio - safe. Wrong. Not safe. The few words I heard on the radio were..."the doner's face. The transplant..." It was at that point in the narrative that I turned the radio off. It turns out listening to the radio can be dangerous. Face transplants are things I do not want to hear about, see, or even know about. If I ever need a face replacement please kill me. That is, only if I need a new face.
If you are equally squeamish about face transplants, then you can add Cabin to the list of dangerous things.

1 comment:

Adellamorio said...

What if I donate my face to you, would you accept it then? Warning: To not do this would be rude.