Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recent Acquisition

The above painting was purchased with discretionary funds from a local establishment at a very reasonable cost. I suppose buying a painting cheap is to be expected considering the current state of the art market. The establishment is not a gallery per se, but they regularly carry a few paintings, prints and photographs. They also have a wide selection of records, books, house wares, bric-a-brac, skis, a large pile of children's bikes, washing machines, stereo equipment, tools and clothes.
But the painting: This piece is a departure from other paintings in my collection as the bulk of the permanent collection consists of paintings with animal motifs like a woodpecker, a deer or a caribou being attacked by two wolves. Moving into the world of collecting figurative work is exciting. I find I can look at this painting for hours while I invent complicated narratives that help explain how the two figures ended up hanging from a cliff. But I will keep my speculations to myself and let this painting do what it does best – provoke thought.


Anonymous said...

It appears as though the story is just beginning. One gentlemen's hat is in midair, making it an action shot. I wonder if it is a Stetson?

Adellamorio said...

Will you be offering prints of this work? Perhaps as some sort of fan club premium?