Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shaping Loaves

I found this helpful for my baking habit.


Damo said...

not happy about that fact that many of your habits are my habits. I think you are a habitual habit copier.

By the way, did you start your starter from scratch or get a chunk from another source?

jonathan said...

I bought mine. I have started one a couple times and only once was it a good one. You?

Damo said...

I'm about 2-for-10 on the starter front when starting from scratch and have found the best results from the Cheese Board's method (rye flour to start). I had a good one that I made this way that lasted a couple of years, but a long vacation offed it. I am thinking of asking them or Arizmendi if I could get a pinch to build from as I am currently starter-less. My grandma had one that she had started from scratch over 50 years ago that recently quit on her because her baking dropped off.

If you haven't done it, sourdough waffles are pretty darn good stuff (sorry for the vulgar language, but I really wanted to emphasize how good they are).

jonathan said...

Yes. I love sourdough waffles.