Friday, December 18, 2009

Good-bye Black Santa (Updated)

Yesterday I spent a few hours cutting, with inadequate scissors and shaving with a brave, hand-powered Gillete (even with three blades it was not meant for such a task), my two year old beard.

Beard when it was about 1 year old. Photo by Samuel Copeland

People no longer recognize me. Admittedly, I am in a town where no one knows me, but nevertheless these strangers do not recognize me. I feel like they should be saying, "Oh my God, you shaved." My face feels different. The skin is cold and clammy. My cheeks can now gauge wind velocity with impressive accuracy. The skin is red and bumpy like (fill in the blank with something red and bumpy).
I miss it.
It is a day later and it has already started to grow back.

I have since shaved the mustache (You should hear my version of Bohemian Rhapsody)

A note on the title: to some I was known as Black Santa. To some white people.


Chuckie V said...

A hairy link from my trail-journal...

When I reach for the scissors or clippers or electric shaver I like to test each of their limits and remove all my body hair. By "all" I mean ALL, if you catch my draft. I mean drift, catch my drift.

Yours was an impressive beard Jon and it will be sorely missed. One must ponder: what did you do with all the hair?

Rondell said...

You don't look like a black santa at all 2 me! If you want to see a real black santa, check out my journal for Mr. C's Kris Kringle cheer. Now that's a man who know how to deliver presents with a lil' soul if you no what I mean, LOL!

jen * hound said...


Damo said...

R.I.P. I poured out a little of my 40 of naturally brewed root beer in memory.

Toby said...

Where's the photo of the wind-gauging face?

Jessaroo said...

You were sooo known as Black Santa to some in my family that recently my son pointed (yes, pointed) at some poor unsuspecting soul and announced in a loud voice that he looked like Black Santa...we fail the PC test in Berkeley on a daily basis. Don't think my kids 'member you without the beard...but I do!

jonathan said...

I actually saw an Echo Lake Girl (Rod Bedayn's) yesterday. She freaked when she saw me. Not really. She sang Christmas carols.
We don't have a PC test in Idaho.

Anonymous said...

are you being held against your will?