Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I am not usually excited about College Basketball

But I am usually excited about Birds. Presently Harris Hawks have struck my fancy. Did you know that they hunt in packs like wolves? They will stand on one another's backs in order to get better views, they live communally, and there is an alpha male and an alpha female.

The young stay with the family for up to 3 years. Maybe up to more years - it's up to the bird. I got to see one at school a few days ago with Ms. Kate's class. Not my school, Nevada City School of the arts in California. Some of the questions the kids asked were: "Why do you have this bird?" and "Is that pine cone sticky?"

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KF said...

They have (had) a Harris Hawk at the Boise Zoo. One day a friend and I were strolling through there and watched the zoo keeper leave the hawk enclosure door open momentarily - long enough for the hawk to fly into a tree in Julia Davis park. oops
When we left, the zoo staff were inside the zoo grounds but in the view of the hawk holding up a dead rat. Not sure what the hawk decided to do.