Tuesday, September 14, 2010


At home depot I was approached by a young couple. I knew the young man because he was a former student. They were both happy to see me even though, as far as I knew, I had never met the woman. I introduced myself to her and she laughed and said, "I thought you were serious." Then she alluded to the tools in my hand asking if I was breaking into cars. "Medical school must be expensive," she laughed. I thought she was simply making a joke that I did not get. Then the young man referred to my "scrubs." I was not wearing Doctor Duds. They said three things that implied that I was a doctor. I wonder if I am their doctor? Or if they think I am.
It is nice to be recognized. I am just glad they weren't in the midst of a medical emergency because I would have been useless. There is probably some handsome doctor in Boise being mistaken for a photography teacher.

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jessaroo said...

i think i missrecognize you all the time.