Thursday, January 20, 2011

Broken Iron Skillet

My cast Iron Griswold skillet cracked while I was cooking a grilled-cheese sandwich. Luckily I just found one on eBay for $234.99. Also luckily, I finished cooking the sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Is that there spatula stuck in the pan? Never seen nothin' like it. First birds a fallin' from the sky, and fishes warshin' up dead...this is just another sign of the almighty wrath that's a comin'.

comrade said...

That's unbelievable! Actually, two things are unbelievable:
1. that the cast iron skillet just cracked like that. I can't imagine that happening while cooking a grilled cheese sandwich!
2. I hope you paid only $23.99 or $24.99 and not $234.99!

jonathan said...

I paid $20.00. And I just bought a le creuset cast iron pan for $15.00

janetdys said...

How about a Lodge skillet, TSC carry them I believe. That's mighty pricey for a skillet.Toasted cheese does sound good. Pretty picture on Jan. 14th.