Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today we break ground on a new cabin. We are going to build it with palets, old fence posts, glue, recycled windows and good old fashioned elbow grease. And we will only use plywood inspected by Susan S. or Bobbie P. 

The occupants of the cabin include but are not limited to the below:

Many of the occupants were named for characters in this book by S. E. Hinton.

Soda Pop, Dallas Winston, Pony Boy, Cherry Valence etc.

This is Marc Antony. He will not be living in the new cabin.


SA said...


jotham said...

Your own plans or a kit design of some sort?

Fork said...

I absolutely adore that book! I actually posted about it on my blog.
Thanks for sharing those fabulous images!


jonathan said...

The design is all mine. And Tyler Harris's. I admit I did not designing. Just building. The floors and about 65-72% of the walls are from pallets. The rest is from former trees, sliced up and sold new at the lumber yard.