Friday, March 30, 2012


I was supposed to be on this plane on my way to Belgium, EU. But alas, there are animals to care for. If you are wondering how I got a picture of the very plane that I was supposed to take to Belgium keep wondering. If I gave away my secrets then every one would do it. 

It's not so bad staying here at Black and White Rainbow Ranch in Idaho. There is plenty of company.

Danny and Diego for example. Jenny is on her way here for the weekend. There have been a few hitches in our plan to have been all moved in by now. For example, the trailer, the one that has Jenny's tractor on it, needed a new axel. That is a very short version of that particular hitch. It is kind of like saying John F. Kennedy need burying. Another hitch was that the trailer that was bringing Jenny's horses here lost a wheel. That was another short version.

If you encounter this pit bull the best approach is to look at him and swim toward him. No, that is for sharks. Walk toward him. Then pet him. He wouldn't say no to a kiss too.

Diego is in love with Lola. 



Tiger and Smitty (in mouth)

Red Hen. No name. Lays eggs and eats eggs. 

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The picture of Tiger and Smitty looks familiar. Very cute!