Friday, September 28, 2012

Farm Update: Raccoon

A raccoon entered the garage through the cat door to harass Champion, a small black cochin rooster. The raccoon was able to reach it's paws into the cage and pull Champion's feathers out and he tore the poor bird's comb half off. The good news is Jeremy seems to be ok otherwise. His comb was stapled back on by a professional. The bad news is, one of our free rangers, a barred rock was killed. That was two nights ago. Last night all the free rangers (the Davis's as they are known) roosted in their coop. Their coop used to be casa non grada because of a former raccoon attack. That was what motivated them to start sleeping in trees in the first place. The new attack reversed that motivation. Hopefully they will sleep in the coop from now on.
Other good news: I saw Lilly the cat formerly known as Kinten. She had been gone since the dogs moved in. She was walking down the road with Mr. Boehm and his dog. Boehm said she adopted him.

I set a couple of traps to try and catch the raccoon to no success. We tried to get the three "barn" cats to sleep in the grage so we would catch them in the traps. Only two complied with our request.

Champion by Jenny Hunter

I am not a hunter but visions of a raccoon hat keep popping into my mind.

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