Monday, March 10, 2014

Today's post

Before I decided to have a blog - as a joke is how it started - I used to take a break during the day or at the end of the day and write. That was satisfying, and when the blog started that satisfaction was transferred to posting. Lately, I am spread out too thin and this blog has been neglected. And I don't write things down on paper either. Paper is neglected. I miss stumbling on old notebooks that give a glimpse - or actually spell out exactly - what was happening on a given day.
If I could carve out an existence with much less computer time, or screen time, I would. The question I ask myself on a regular basis is, "What would I do if I was rich?" I would leave the house without a phone more often. I would take days off from responding to electronic enquiries. I would write with pen on paper more often. These days my hand gets tired when I write by hand.
Today I read that too much screen time is bad for the brain. I read it on Facebook. Another thing I read on the Internet was that taking a week off the Internet and devices can reset our circadian clocks. Not many people have occupations that allow for that. I recommend backpacking in the Frank Church RIver of No Return Wilderness. No Internet and almost no phone service. I have a cabin in the mountains that used to require a small journey by boat to make a phone call. I miss that. If you wanted to call someone you really had to make an effort. I would not mind living in a place where pigeons where my most efficient way to send a message.

I have to walk down to the post office now.

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SA said...

I Miss cell phone free echo too.