Monday, May 02, 2005


I have met a lot of nice pit bulls. In fact I have half a pit bull myself and she is quite friendly. I believe pit bulls are not bad dogs - it’s just that somehow we have to work on breeding out their tendency to eat children.


3 comments: said...

I have a dog that is half boxer, but I allow her to do all the boxing she wants. The other half of her is pointer, so when she is not boxing, she is pointing. I think both are considered rude in public. Whatcha gonna do?

jonathan said...

You're right, pointing and boxing are rude in public. Eating babies is impolite in certain circles too.

SA said...

There were two very happy pits that wanted to see me and Thomas the otherday. I was working and they lived next door to the client's house. They were so excited, the little black and white one decided the wooden fence was a small obsticle to the joy that awaited on the other side. While I liked the sweet girl quite a lot, I decided, as I was trying to gather her and put her away behind the fence, that I would never own a dog that was stronger then me, even if she didn't like to eat children. This pooch was only Thomas's size, but about 10 times stronger and a jaw, if she chose to use it, that could rip off my leg. They would be perfect dogs if only they were were, say, Boston Terrier sized.