Friday, June 17, 2005


I sat in the front of the plane on the flight over which was lovely. I was the first bloke off the plane besides two other blokes and a bird. So really I was the third bloke to deplane. Luke and I are staying with a chap named Graham. Brilliant of him to put us up. We are both pretty nackered so we are going to hit the sack. Tomorrow we are going to a cricket match.



Anonymous said...

If you would, please use English when writing your blog; it is difficult to understand otherwise.

Mr. Holmes said...

Hopefully, you and Luke can try your hand at "happy slapping," the latest craze to sweep Britain. The idea is to catch someone unawares in a park or tube station and punch, kick and slap them in to submission while filming the event on video. Bloody hilarious, wot?

jonathan said...

Mr. Holmes,
Luke and I thought we made that up. We wouldn't have been doing it if we had known it was trendy.
That is English. Perhaps not the Queen's English but English none the less.