Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Venice has a Biennale too

I am writing from Italy and my template is in italian. For instance "tamplate" is "modello" and "post" is "impostazioni."
Our room or "camera" is nice but once again Luke and I are sharing a bed. Since leaving the USA we have had separate beds once - bunkbeds at a friend's apartment in London.
We are in Venice looking to compare its Biennale with the one in Prague. Yes, there is one in Venice too. If it turns out to be of any interest I will report back.

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Mr. Holmes said...

Apparently, Venice is the sine qua non of the Biennales, and this year it is better than ever. That's the word on this side of the pond. No doubt you've been rubbing elbows with Cate Blanchett and Ronnie Wood while partying late into the night with Bjork and the band, Kraftwerk, on Paul Allen's megayacht.