Monday, November 14, 2005

Cat Hunt.
Here is a quote from the article linked above:

The proposal, which was raised five years ago and voted down by the Conservation Congress, was revived after a 2004 University of Wisconsin study that found non-native feral cats were a threat to native animals such as lovebirds.

There is not a bird called a lovebird native to Wisconsin. Lovebirds are Parrots native to Africa. But cats would kill them if they could.


jonathan said...

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SA said...

Check it out, baby

Dennis Plummer said...

Today they are debating cats again, this time as a threat to cattle. Wild attacks on cattle represent only 2% of their deaths nationwide. Of this relatively small number, most are attributed to coyotes and wild dogs. The cats are not a major--barely even a minor--threat. Evidently, Californians, like Wisconsinites, are predominantly dog people.