Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Dupri

I told my Intro to Photo students today that I changed my name to Mr. Dupri. So, I said, “please call me Mr. Dupri for the rest of the semester.” One of my students asked if he could call me Professor Dupri. I told him that Professor Dupri sounded too pretentious.

And Janet Jackson reportedly gain three stone (160lbs) for a movie roll that she did not get. As one writer said, "She's not fat. She's acting." Which would be truer if she had gotten the roll.

If you can figure out a connection between those two stories let me know.


Jeanne said...

Jermaine Dupri (aka Mr. Dupri) is the record producer for Janet Jackson. He also produced the album "Murphy's Law" by Murphy Lee on which tracks 10 (So X-Treme) and 15 (Gods Don't Chill) feature "King Jacob/The Professor". Elementary.

jonathan said...

Interesting and I suppose technically correct but not what I was thinking of.

Dennis Plummer said...

Go Jeanne--good details!
I was thinking that perhaps Jon had gained 160 lbs. since relocating to WI. Either that or both paragraphs referenced acting as someone you are not.

(The word verification is telling me to X Mr Dsk. I do not know a Mr. Dsk so it is going to be dificult to end his life.)

Jeanne said...

Duh. silly me. Janet Jackson co-starred with Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor II - Meet the Klumps" Not that I saw the movie, mind you.

Gabe said...

This one is too easy. Janet Jackson reportedly married Jermaine Dupri. Mr. Dupri was born on September 23rd, which is 7 days before Tyler's birthday. 7 goes into 160 (the number of pounds Janet Jackson gained) exactly 22.857142857142857143 times, which just so happens to be Tyler's favorite number. Lo and behold, Tyler is your Nephew and, therefore, brings us back to you, Mr. Dupri. (Blowing on my hand like it's on fire) Too easy.