Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I just did something dumb

You see, I used to have Limewire (file sharing software). But downloading music for free is bad. But now Limewire charges money so I decided to sign up. It is only $27.00 for a lifetime membership. I signed up. It did not work. They charges me $55 (or something close). I tried to cancel on line but they do not have a cancel option. I called. 30 minutes later I talked to a guy who begged me not to cancel. In a pleading tone he kept saying, “let me help you,” and "why are you canceling?" Before I mentioned the overcharge he said he would refund $24.00 – “you’ll only pay $27.00!” (get it? he knew one of my complaints before I made it) He finally agreed to refund all but $9.95. I asked him what the $9.95 was for. Handling. What did they handle? Don’t say my balls. Don’t! It’s rude. My sisters read this.

Are you ready for the dumb part? It was not Limewire. I was tricked and went on some other file-sharing website. They call themselves "" See the confussion?

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naomi said...

i witnessed this - it wasn't pretty.