Thursday, April 13, 2006

Money Saving Plan

In anticipation of higher gas prices, I decided to buy my gas now. I bought 250 gallons. That should get me through the summer. I’ll feel pretty good knowing I only spent $2.89.9 instead of $3.15.9 or what ever the summer price ends up being.


naomi said...

can we really do this? is it safe? how does one transport 250 gallons of gasoline? should it be stored in the car? in the house? the workplace? do local stores carry that many gas cans? are you just getting my hopes up, or should i put this plan into action?

jonathan said...

What I did was put it in old milk containers and orange juice cartons and I got about 25 gallons in a bright green exercise ball. It all weighs about 4000 pounds so I am not getting very good mileage with all that gas in the back of my truck. It smells pretty strong.

Emily said...

You must be really psyched now that it's up to $4 a gallon (a rumor I heard, but I don't know for sure because I take BART because I'm a really good responsible citizen who would never think of using up natural resources, except for wine). Maybe you should do more than save money and actually make some money by selling it out of the back of your truck.