Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not MySpace anymore

I quit MySpace. I admit to feeling bad for the people who asked me to be their friend - both of them, but the feeling of deleting my account was so much better than the feeling of opening a MySpace account.
When I logged on to MySpace today I promised MySelf that if my browser, Firefox, froze while attempting to log in, I would keep logging in until I succeeded so I could cancel my account. Firefox froze, twice.
While I write this there is a story on the radio about how MySpace is a haven for child molesters. Whew. I got out just in time.
Also, I tried to create a link to MySpace but when I opened MySpace my browsers froze and I lost this post and had to re-write it.

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jen said...

Well I'd say way to follow my lead except I forgot to delete my account.