Friday, September 08, 2006


While getting some food at a drive-thru window – I wont say which restaurant because I do not wish to indorse this particular Mcstablishment – I noticed the young man in the window looking past my car across the lot. Following his gaze, my eyes landed at or near the rear ends of two women. The young man asked if I liked what I saw. I will not cast judgment on these women but I will say that they would not have normally caught my eye. I told him that I was trying to see what he was looking at. He said with a knowing grin (that turned out not to know much), “Same thing you are my friend.”


naomi said...

don't forget, i was witness to your male-y male McOogling earlier today - however, you made it all better when you said, "check out the brain on that one."

SA said...

My friend Josh was asked if he still looked at girls. He is married w/ a couple of babies.
He said, "I used to some times look at girls. Now I look at bike gear."