Thursday, December 07, 2006

Everything is Connected

Did you know that Warren Earl (Burger) replaced Earl Warren as Supreme Court Justice?
Which reminds me of the unlikely fact that Lee Iacocca's last name is an accidental acronym for his former job title: “I am chairman of Chrysler Corporation of America.” And Lee designed the ford Mustang. Ford owns Jaguar. A Jaguar is a large cat native to Mexico. Mexico is an anagram for coexim, which is meaningless. See how everything is connected? It’s like the butterfly effect that is best described as: a butterfly in the Amazon flaps it’s wings and attracts the attention of a bird who eats the butterfly, lands on the ground to digest and is eaten by a Jaguar which is a large cat native to parts of the Amazon and Mexico which, as we discovered earlier, is an anagram for coexim, among other non words. It makes you think.

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Anonymous said...

It does make you think. Me, no.