Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reggae Royalty

King Tubby, King Cry Cry, King Stitt, King Jammy, King Smiley, King Chubby, King Iwah, King Sporty, King Sighter, King Kong, Prince Alla, Prince Buster, Prince Charles, Prince Django, Prince Douglas,Prince Far I, Prince Francis, Prince Garthie, Prince Hammer, Prince Heron, Prince Irey, Prince Jammy, Prince Jazzbo, Prince Junior, Prince Lincoln Thompson, Prince Malachi, Prince Miller, Prince Mohammed, Prince Moonie, Prince Of Darkness, Prince Phillip, Prince Pompidou, Prince Ras Murray, Prince Student, Prince Tallis, Prince Tonys All Stars, Prince Ugly, Prince Williams, Lord Briscoe, Lord Brynner, Lord Comic, Lord Creator, Lord Cristo, Lord Invader, Lord Ivanhoe, Lord Jellicoe, Lord Kitchener, Lord Koos, Lord Laro, Lord Power, Lord Sassafrass, Lord Spoon, Lord Tanamo, Sir Lord Comic.

Prince Far I and King Cry Cry are the same person - both dead as of September 1983.
I paricularly like the names, "Prince Student," "Prince Ugly," and "Lord Sassafrass."

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