Sunday, January 28, 2007


In Chicago there are onramps that lead you onto the left lane of the expressway. So you have to go fast. A few days ago Luke and I were getting on the expressway and were flagged down by a woman who had stopped her car on the onramp. She looked desperate. I assumed it was a scam. I had read once that an effective tool of negotiation (or sales) was to do so when the other person was under time pressure. What better way to put someone under time pressure than to cause said person to block an onramp in Chicago? So I drove passed her. I felt bad in case she was really in some kind of trouble. She had an accomplice I mean partner waiting safely in the driver’s seat.
A few moments ago Luke called to tell me they were doing it again. This time someone stopped for them causing Luke to back up the onramp and enter elsewhere. So either it was a scam or this couple runs out of gas (or something) on that same on ramp once a week.


naomi said...

damn! i've been outed.

Dennis Plummer said...

I saw the same couple out of gas on the on ramp to I-40 in Albuquerque. Strande, that.