Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hair and Hares

My barber, Lori, told me not to towel-dry my hair. She told me to imagine each hair as a segmented toy snake and that the hairs get damaged when tousled by the towel. It’s best to pat my hair dry. *I’ve been towel drying my hair for years, apparently causing “frayed” ends and breaking my hair. Lori also told me where to start shaving my neck in relationship to my beard (two fingers width below the jaw-line). I do not have a beard at the moment but it will come in handy when I do.
Lori told me one of her customers brought her two snowshoe hares that she is going to make fricassee out of this week. She showed me a foot from one of the hares. It was about the size of a baby's hand - a 2 year old baby.

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Dennis Plummer said...

Is it just me, or is there some irony in the fact that your barber eats hares?