Monday, February 05, 2007


Pros and cons of living in Milwaukee in the winter. The pros are mixed in the same list with the cons because one man’s pro is another man’s con.

Dull-yellow dog pee frozen in its tracks on the sidewalk before it can reach the gutter.

My feet are cold.

The steering fluid in my truck feels as thick as a Culver’s milkshake. If Culver’s shakes aren’t thick than replace with thicker Wisconsin based milkshake.

At the end of a party, when it is time to throw the ice from the cooler into the ally, the ice stays put. Eventually it will be dyed yellow by passing drunks and dogs.

Polka Music.

My nose hairs freeze several times a day.

My feet are cold.

Friday night fish fry.

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Judd said...

Did I tell you I was in Milwaukee in September? No, because I forgot you were in Milwaukee. Man, I loved that city. It might be my favorite American city, after New York.

You know something crazy about Princeton, by the way? The robins all stay here through the winter. You'll see entire trees full of robins. I think it may be where they all go, in fact, before they reemerge all over the country to herald Spring.