Saturday, May 12, 2007

Found in Chicago

A couple weeks ago, while on a group bike ride (a group of three), I found an owl on the side of the road. The owl was small, beautiful and dead. I may have mentioned the owl before and that I felt too competitive to stop and examine it. Then a week later I saw a Sora in a similar state of beauty and health. This time I was riding alone and I took the time to stop and examine the bird. It was still warm. Both times I wished I had a small digital camera for my records. Today, while riding north on Elston (on a smaller group ride of two), I found the above about 100 feet south of Division Street. Again, I had no camera so I stuck it in my pocket. It was neither warm nor beautiful but it was dead.

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SA said...

where are sora's native?

i saw a western tananger while gardening today.